The Words – Issue #2 Page 15


4 thoughts on “The Words – Issue #2 Page 15

  1. So, this was a fun page to draw. Richard had in the script to establish San Francisco in panel 1. So, San Francisco; the Golden Gate Bridge, Cable Cars, and Alcatraz. No problem.

    Then, a few months later, I was in San Francisco for Wondercon (when it was held there), and showed this page to an editor of another company and the first thing he said was: ‘know what you’re drawing, Alcatraz is not that close to the Golden Gate Bridge.’

    oh well. Hopefully you guys can still believe Eric is in San Francisco. Ha Ha.

    • i lived in a duplex in alameda in east bay and the owner a neighbor was a landscape painter. His most popular painting which sold the most prints by far was a composite of san francisco that put the landmarks close to each other so they fit in the painting. They were obviously not positioned in a realistic geographical way. Artistic license. not a problem far as i see. nice work by the way. i’ve shared the series with several others who all enjoyed it. look forward to the next arc.

      • Thanks for the support Cameron! We have a lot of fun making this, but its even better when we get comments like this.

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