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Richard Mann



Richard has written novels, screenplays and short stories before recently venturing into comics.

Work for FDC includes writing the series "The Words" and the "Mystery and Romance" stories - "The Knockout" and "Lemongrass Road". FDC also publishes Richard's novel "Fire Trap" available on amazon.com. Bridge, scrabble, go and windsurfing provide alternatives to comics.
Rick Marcks



Rick is a comic book artist and feelance illustrator.

Work for FDC includes penciling and inking for the series "The Words" and for all artistic aspects of our "Mystery and Romance" stories - "The Knockout" and "Lemongrass Road". Rick's artwork and designs have also appeared in the TV show "Little people, big world" and as company logos, T-shirt designs,prose novel covers and storyboards. Born and raised in Oregon, Rick also enjoys building and riding custom motorcycles.
Harold MacKinnon



Harold has been coloring comics professionally since his time at Dark Horse Comics in the late 90's. He colors in many styles and tries to find a lighting and coloring style that best compliments the line art of a given book.

Harold has done all the coloring work on the FDC series "The Words". Harold is a media designer by day and, when not working on comics (i.e. on his off time), he is a black belt in Kung Fu, an occasional actor/fight choreographer and the lead singer in the Celtic punk band "Kilty By Association".
Kathryn Renta



Kathryn has lettered for Marvel.

Kathryn lettered "The Words" issues 1,2,5,6,7 and will lettering our upcoming issue 8. Kathryn Renta, originally from Southern California, now lives in Colorado. With job titles ranging from Comic Book Letterer, Inker & Illustrator, to Prepress Operator, Production Artist & Graphic Designer, she is also working on a Fine Arts degree.
Glenn Peters



Glenn developed the code for our "reader" pages and database navigation.

Glenn is skilled at dynamic website development using java, css, html and php elements to implement database-driven web designs. Glenn, a resident of Portland, Oregon, also does professional photography and is an avid go player.